Monday, January 16, 2012

Nothing new has changed much in the garden area.  The first week of January was really nice out, and so we were able to spread some of the compost out that was dumped on before it got cold. I officially got the first blister, shaped in a heart shape, from doing garden work on January 6th:0 I think that is a record in itself.

Just noticed yesterday that the seeds are out in the stores. Oh how tempting to start buying. Should really use up what is leftover from last year. I'm sure we will be buying a few later on.

Now it's the dreaming part that I can do. We've been doing some research on geese and using them to help with deweeding gardens. It sounds great! Some people really like them and others can't stand them. Right now it's just in the thought process. It seems like anyone whom uses them just for weeding, really likes them. We will have to look into it some more as it would be an investment on our part.

This week our local (20+miles from us) farmer's market is having a meeting. I'm hoping we can go and see what everyone is up to and hopefully another day during the week will be added:) Farmer's market is something that we want to be able to do for some added income, while having fun.

Spent some time the past few days trying to figure out an irrigation system for the garden. We want it to be hooked up to the rain barrels to provide for watering all the plants as needed. We are expecting a drought, so if we can use all the water that is essentially being wasted, that would be a great thing:)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Garden season is almost here, or at least it feels like it. It has been so nice the last few days, where I have thought about going out and working in the garden. The ground is slightly frozen still, so that won't work too well. It's the perfect time to start planning. Looking forward to this garden season.